Time Magazine quarterly edition on cannabis, “Modern Marijuana”, 2018

“Once upon a time, you had to choose: have a cocktail or have some cannabis. With Muru, you don’t have to, since you get both at once. The company specializes in cannabis cocktail mixers it calls Cannamixers, which utilizes sun-grown cannabis oil to create a healthy alternative to just smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol. Cannamixers are water-soluble, so they’re fast acting, discreet and dosable.”

Willamette Week - Cannabis-Infused Recipes For Your Fourth of July Barbecue

“Let's face it—this Fourth of July, most of us are going to have to dig a bit deeper to find something about America worth celebrating. A little weed should help, though. For those looking to enliven their midweek holiday potluck—and make use of that last batch of cannabis-infused olive oil they cooked up—we asked three local cannabis chefs for their favorite summertime recipes.”

Herbgizmo - Cannamixer Review

“Anybody looking to experience the most from using CBD products should try out Muru cannamixers. Unlike the conventional CBD products which are strictly fat-soluble, Muru provides a better alternative through the manufacture of water-soluble cannabis extract syrup that is more effective for use. This CBD syrup enhances the absorption of the CBD into your system, bringing about quick results while delivering an efficient product with an amazing flavor.”