We are a collaborative group of small Oregon Cannabis companies. We work with a cooperative distribution model to help one another succeed in this competitive industry. We are all in this together and it’s better that way!



We are Portland, Oregon based team of cannabis enthusiasts committed to bringing you the highest quality cannabis consumables available. We hail from the world's of medical cannabis cultivation, and engineering and every product decision we make is informed by those passions. In the interest of health and healing, the Müru family of products are Low sugar or sugar-free, soy, wheat, corn, preservative, chemical additive and cruelty free. It is our pleasure to offer you nutritious and delicious ways to medicate creatively!


Gravity Provisions

Granola squares - Hand crafted with all natural ingredients.



We make use of many well known superfoods such as almonds, blueberries, coconut flakes, and pecans to name a few. All of which are sweetened naturally with rich golden honey. Our products are high in antioxidants, protein, and fiber making them an ideal snack for refueling during a hike or after a workout.



Our Mission is Simple... To provide our customers with a predictable experience, packaged in a deliciously, delightful edible. That is why all our products have always been, STRAIN SPECIFIC. Be confident in your experience, every time!


Portland Premium

Portland Premium creates fine cannabis topicals and edibles. We have meticulously developed our process to ensure each product is the highest quality available. We source locally for organic ingredients and include full spectrum cannabis oil into every product we make. Our small batches maintain the highest quality and standards which have a positive impact on our community, our environment, and our health.


Nightingale Remedies

Scientists have known the cause of joint pain for decades. The challenge has always been how to safely and effectively overcome it. Now a revolutionary new product harnesses the power of a remarkable compound that scientists discovered works along with your immune system to deliver immediate relief from aches and pains. Nightingale Remedies Relief Cream is infused with certified organic Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and other natural ingredients.


Greener Wellness

Details Coming Soon.


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