What started with just our water-soluble Cannamixers has grown into a whole family of lovingly formulated drinkables and smokables! Let’s get you living that Müru life!

MÜRU offerings…

New! Premium, strain specific distillate cartridges made in house!


Müru strain specific distillate cartridges are made with respect to the cannabis plant. We utilize Green Envy technology, which never includes the usage of toxic hydrocarbons. Cannabinoid and terpene profiles are lovingly preserved to give you that whole plant, full spectrum experience.


3 strains now available. All made from Ten Four Farms gorgeous flower.

Alien OG, 24kt Gold, and Lemon Sour Diesel


Müru Cannamixers (Cannabis Cocktail Mixers)

Our flagship product. Our first travel sized bottle of joy. Müru Cannamixers are the only truly water-soluble, sugar free, 100% natural cannabinoid drink additives on the market today. They mix perfectly into your favorite drink without any oily separation and you’ll feel the effects within 15 minutes. They’re great in sparkling water, hot and cold tea, juice, soda, and even cocktails. Here’s your chance to get creative! Invent your own medicated concoctions or check out our recipe page for some of our favorite ideas. Get inspired and mix up some magic! Our Cannamixers are available in THC, CBD 1:1 and Hemp derived CBD formulas.

Directions for use

Shake Well. Add to your favorite beverage. Stir, enjoy.

Live in Portland, Or? Have our Cannabis based CBD and 1:1 formulas delivered directly to your door!


müru THC cannamixers

The original pocket sized rainbow increaser! Add some fun and creativity to any beverage!

Container: THC 50mg

Flavors available:

blackberry lemon sativa

grape hybrid

lemon mint indica


1:1 Cannamixers

made with custom blended oils from East fork Cultivars

Our full spectrum 1:1 formula is made with the gorgeous sungrown oil of East Fork Cultivars, rich in both terpenes and cannabinoids for full spectrum healing. 1:1 for maximum balance and full spectrum for the the whole plant, entourage effect. Add to any beverage and sip on some healing!

Container: 50mg THC / 50mg CBD

Flavors available:

blackberry lemon



müru cannabis CBD cannamixers

Cannabis based. Made from custom blended oils from East Fork Cultivars. If you are in need of relief from stress, pain, inflammation, anxiety, headaches, sleeplessness, or just in need of some grounding. This formula is for you. Just enough THC to bind to your CB1 receptor and allow for increased healing action by the CBD molecule.This is fast, full spectrum relief!

Container: 200mg CBD / 10mg THC.

1 tsp contains 20mg of water-soluble CBD and only 1mg THC.

Flavors available:

blackberry lemon


IMGP2816-Edit-Edit (1).jpg

This formula is made from the hemp plant and contains zero mg of THC. All of the healing powers of the CBD molecule, available nationally. If you are in need of relief from stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, sleeplessness, headaches, etc. This formula is perfect for fast relief on the go.

Container: 100mg water-soluble CBD, 0mg THC.

1 tspn contains 10mg of water-soluble CBD

Flavors available:

blackberry lemon, lemon mint, grape

Available Online!

müru cannabucha

We are happy to announce muru has partnered with incredibly popular kombucha experts at SOMA to bring you Cannabucha, a line of delicious, organic, medicated kombuchas! Cannabucha is a healthy, low sugar, and delicious way to enjoy the balancing properties of cannabis. SOMA is known for it’s incredibly high concentration of probiotics and its fizzy, delightful and experimental flavors. This mouth party packs a serious healing punch!

Flavors and Formulations:

Cannabucha comes in a gorgeous 16oz bottle.

Lemon Ginger 50mg THC

Blueberry Ginger 30mg THC


Müru Highwater! The Tides a comin’ in!



MÜRU’s newest offering! Just exactly like it sounds! MÜRU highwater is a 100% Organic Cannabis water infusion. Oregon spring water infused with organic cannabis concentrate and fruit flavors.

Highwater is available in a variety of sizes, flavors and potencies!

Hibiscus Lemonade

Strawberry Lime

Pineapple citrus punch

We put our hearts into the creation of products that pack the healing punch of cannabis while still tasting and feeling great! Every single ingredient in Muru products, from the full-spectrum Oregon cannabis concentrate, vegetable pigments, and fruit concentrate flavors of our cannamixers to the live probiotic cultures, organic herbs, spices, fruits and glacier water of our Cannabucha. We want to ensure that you can elevate and alleviate without worrying what is going in. Cannabis is medicine first. We’ll do the worrying for you. It really is all good.