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Our new water-based CBD elixir is here!


High dose, water-based CBD elixirs! Just add a dropper to anything from water, to juice, to cocktails, to beer and wine. Or add it your recipe for all your sweets and savory treats. This formula is incredibly versatile. As always, our elixir is sugar-free, all natural, vegan, sourced with care. Available in unflavored and lemon.

Ingredients: Oregon spring water, sustainably sourced palm glycerine, hemp derived cbd, organic flavor.

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2oz/250mg 4oz/500mg


Unflavored CBD Elixir

The unflavored CBD elixir offers you a completely neutral palate so that your creativity can reign supreme in the kitchen, and so that every serving can have an extra helping of healing. It is subtly sweet but when dropped into a glass of water it is virtually flavorless.


Lemon CBD Elixir

Lemon flavored cbd elixir. This is as delicious by itself as it is stirred into your recipe of choice. It’s perfect in bubbly water, cocktails and basically anything that you might like a very subtly sweet, natural lemon flavor added to.

Original water-soluble CBD Cannamixer formula!

Blackberry Lemon Hemp CBD Cannamixer

Blackberry Lemon Hemp CBD Cannamixer

Lemon Mint Hemp CBD Cannamixer

Lemon Mint Hemp CBD Cannamixer

Grape Hemp CBD Cannamixer

Grape Hemp CBD Cannamixer


MÜRU hemp is a deliciously innovative way to enjoy the healing benefits of CBD. MÜRU CBD Cannamixers and Elixirs are 100% water-soluble, sugar-free, and organic drink additives. Water-solubility increases potency and decreases activation time. A little goes a long way, and fast! Stir a teaspoon into your beverage of choice for nearly instantaneous relief. No matter how you choose to live, we want you out there living your best life! We take great care to choose only both healthy and ethically sourced ingredients. We worry about what goes in so that you don’t have to. Stir in some love. Let’s feel better together!

Let’s feel better together.


Let’s all feel better together.