Who is Müru?

The müru team hails from the Northwest where we all strive to lead healthy, creative, and full lives. In Oregon we are utterly surrounded by breathtaking nature. The big trees, gorgeous mountains and epic views are what inspire our creative process. It’s our hope that every bottle of müru carries a bit of that NW inspiration on to our customers.



The müru team draws from the worlds of cannabis cultivation, nutrition, and biochemistry to produce holistically considered, innovative products. Our team is always striving to source all ingredients from sustainable sources and to lessen our ecological impacts.



We choose to use real food colors and flavors both because they are beautiful ingredients and because we'd rather not involve the chemical industry in our products. The Palm glycerine used in mürucannamixers is Rainforest Alliance Certified from ethically harvested palm plantations. All cannabis that enters our extraction facility adheres to stringent organic or beyond organic standards. It is our goal to always be making our product line better for the customer and the planet. We worry about what goes in so that you don’t have to.